Frequently asked questions

Are your lashes made with real mink fur?

No. Our lashes are handmade from 100% Korean PBT silk fibre, soft and fluffy and are FDA ROHS approved. 

We do not use real mink fur as we believe that using animals for cosmetic benefit can never be ‘cruelty free’. For this reason our 3D lashes are branded as ‘faux mink’ as they are made to be just as soft and fluffy as real fur. 


How long does shipping take?

Delivery within UK 1-3 working days.
To EU 3-5 working days.
Rest of the world 5-7 working days.

Please note these are approximate and shipping times may vary with Covid-19 delays.

Are your products safe for use on the eyes?

Yes. It is so important to use only cosmetic grade glitter on the eyes for eye safety. This is why our glitters are all handmade with safe ingredients. Our glitters and pigments are cosmetic grade and completely safe. However, we recommend doing a patch test with any makeup or glue used underneath our products before using. 

How can I leave a review?

You can send over your reviews to our email provided on our homepage, or send us a message on our Instagram page. We love to hear your feedback!